Pusha T just ruined Drake’s adidas line launch

Pusha T just ruined Drake’s adidas line launch

Pusha pushes back.

Pusha T’s diss track may have tarnished Drake’s reputation, but it’s probably (definitely) hurt his upcoming adidas collaboration.

Talking to Hot 97 yesterday morning, Pusha T laid out some clarification on the adidas line in his rebuttal diss, saying it was in reference to Drake announcing to the world his allegedly previously denied child with an upcoming adidas launch.

Pusha says, ‘allegedly, his new line is called ‘Adidon’, which is named after Adonis [Don], his son. We couldn’t know about your child until you start selling sweatsuits and sneakers?’

Pusha is in fact referring to rumors Drake had an illegitimate child with former adult-film star Sophie Brussaux, which was first reported by TMZ in May last year.

If the alleged is true, Drake’s announcement of his kid to the world with a commercial sneaker launch, will surely taint his publicly accepted good-guy perception.

Surely a guy as good as Drake wouldn’t monetize a kid he allegedly denied previously?

Mind you, Drake never publicly denied anything. But introducing him through commercial means now seems extremely distasteful. And it’s hard not to agree with that statement when Pusha adds the argument of: ‘Who rolls out their child with a sweatsuit? I mean, get out of here, what are you doing?’

Then again, it’s not like ANY of Kanye’s unfiltered comments have hurt his Yeezy line in the past.

And there’s nobody else alive who can own their own mistakes and flipping them into W’s like Drizzy. Exhibit A, Drake’s response to Pusha’s unveiling of the Blackface Drake image:

I for one won’t be surprised if Drake can some how wrangle this up into one big giant victory for him, his good-guy self image, his adidas line and — possibly — his son, if there is one.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated on any further developments with Drake and his collaboration with adidas.

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