Where to Buy the Tyga x MSCHF “Wavy Baby”

Where to Buy the Tyga x MSCHF “Wavy Baby”

As expected, Vans has filed a lawsuit against MSCHF for its new “Wavy Baby” sneaker that resembles Vans’ iconic Old Skool silhouette.

MSCHF’s new shoe in collaboration with Tyga made its debut last week, catching the eyes of many due to its clear nod to one of Vans’ most signature shoes. Although the “Wavy Baby” sneaker remixes the shoe with a thick wave-like platform sole whose design reverberates through other shoe details, the paneling construction and colorway still mirror Vans’ work.

The lawsuit claims trademark infringement, false designation of origin and unfair competition, in addition to trademark dilution. The number of violations extends to MSCHF’s copying of Vans’ trademarks with the shoe design, advertising and packaging.

“MSCHF, in collaboration with Mr. Stevenson, has shamelessly marketed the Wavy Baby shoe in a direct effort to confuse consumers, unlawfully siphon sales from Vans, and intentionally damage Vans’ valuable intellectual property rights,” the lawsuit stated. “The Wavy Baby shoe blatantly and unmistakably incorporates Vans’ iconic trademarks and trade dress.”

This is not the first time MSCHF has faced a legal battle over its shoe designs. In March of 2021, the brand was sued by Nike over its Lil Nas X “Satan Shoes” collaboration, which was quickly settled the following month.

Regardless, MSCHF will proceed with the release, which is expected to go down tomorrow, April 18th, right here on MSCHFsneakers.com for $220

Tyga x MSCHF “Wavy Baby”

Release Date: April 18, 2022

Where to Buy:


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