Let the Ladies Eat: Why Men Shouldn’t Buy Women’s Releases

Let the Ladies Eat: Why Men Shouldn’t Buy Women’s Releases

I’d like to think that everybody has some decency, but I get proven wrong time and time again. This past weekend’s Air Jordan 1 WMNS Satin Black Toe release was one of those moments; A lot of ladies missed out on securing the release thanks to thirsty small-footed guys swooping up pairs in droves, and its driving women further and further out of sneaker culture. I get it. People just want what they want, to make themselves happy — but I’m out here working day in, day out, looking at the culture as a whole — not just my own collection. And I’m seeing a bad pattern.

Firstly, guys, these are women’s shoes. No, they’re not just a ladies exclusive colorway, but in fact, a modified design, tinkered to the different demands and anatomy of the female foot. Y’all really out here in women’s shoes? To be real, a lot of us think you’re a clown out and about in those joints.



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I dont even play basketball smh

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“I dont even play basketball smh”Yeh, bro, you’re also not even a woman.

Back to decency: I think that everyone thinks they are decent, but in reality, they are completely oblivious to the effect of their actions. But I’m not going to stand for ignorance anymore. Here’s what’s really going on: While it may seem just like a normal cop to you guys, taking a women’s drop from her reach is sending a message of dominance, further enhancing the stronghold of oppression that women face. By leaving some women’s releases alone and ciphering others, you’re pretty much saying: Oh you can have your own little thing — but on my terms. And I’ll take what I want when I want.

That my friend is patronization.

The whole point of Jordan Brand Women’s is to empower women, to keep them interested in kicks (because you all want a wifey that’s into kicks, right?) and to make them feel included. For years and years the ladies were limited to shitty GS-cuts and kiddy colorways because Jordan drops didn’t size run down to a 6 or 7, never getting what they wanted — so why are we blocking the ladies when they finally get some of their own heat after years of being denied?

We want to see every ladies-exclusive release go to women.

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It amazes me how people have a complete lack of empathy — I even suggested that ‘when we open our own store, I’ll be making sure releases like this go to women only’ — only to be met with “Well, all guys releases should be guys only,”  or “What about equality, we don’t get Men’s-exclusives.” I mean, c’mon — really?! There are MANY releases that still don’t run down far enough to fit the females, making it guys-exclusive anyway. We’ve had a good, long run of exclusive heat, it’s about time we let the ladies have their moment, too.

And if you still don’t agree with me, I hope that one day the Lord blesses you with a daughter one day to completely change your perspective.

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