Why I think Lonzo Balls $700 debut sneaker will fail

Why I think Lonzo Balls $700 debut sneaker will fail

Well, he’s gone and done it. LaVar Ball has taken matters into his own hands for his son’s sneaker sponsorship – it will be Big Baller Brand taking his sons to the NBA. And it won’t be cheap for those looking to pick up a pair.

The ZO2 will debut in a black and gold “Prime” colorway. It looks very similar to the many low-cut Kobe’s that have come before it, with patent leather heel logos, python skin detailing on the upper and a rip-off of Adidas Boost for the midsole. You can see which sneaker’s have inspired this debut shoe for Lonzo. And to be honest, I expected much worse than this.

The real question is, will anyone buy these? And whilst i do admire LaVar’s hustle and dreams, I gotta say – from my own experience as a Marketing Manager and being so close to the industry – I will strongly say it will be a tough sell. In a market that is becoming more competitive than ever – one that’s pushing more and more into casual wear over performance, a $695 would have to be something special. And no disrespect to Lonzo, but he hasn’t even played a second in the NBA. I’m not saying that he doesn’t have a huge fanbase already – but due to their typical age and income, I think a shoe that expensive is completely out of reach.

Maybe they can pick themselves up the $220 accompanying slides.



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