Here’s 18 of the ugliest Jordan Brand apparel releases ever

Here’s 18 of the ugliest Jordan Brand apparel releases ever

You gotta miss sometimes.

Look, we know nobody can be perfect all the time, even Michael. We kind of forget about all those  bad games he’s had over the years, because we’re now re-living his career through highlights (a good reason we can’t compare him to LeBron until the King retires, but that’s a conversation for another day).

We may have forgotten ab out Mike’s sub-par performances during his career, but one thing we will never forget is Jordan’s sometimes questionable fashion sense.

Unfortunately, this lack of fashion awareness has carried over to the official Jordan range over the years and while it may have looked good at the time, hindsight has brought us some wonderful pieces we can all have a chuckle at.

iI you’re down with argyle sweaters vests, these and many more hideous items are available on eBay right now.

This hoodie looks like I’ve eaten everything at the fair, from cotton candy to chilli dogs, then hit the Gravitron. Sickly stated, it’s a hot mess.

Air Jordan Pop Art All-Over Print Jacket

The perfect shirt for Chandler Bing from Friends, this wild shirt will guarantee you some action at the club.

Jordan Two3 Button Down Shirt

Oh lord. We all know about Mike and his damn jeans. But these are just ridiculous.

Air Jordan 10 Embroidered Jeans

As if the Air Jordan 1 Low wasn’t unpopular enough, how about you pair it with a Tee with it printed just above your junk.

Air Jordan 1 Low T-Shirt

Look, I’m sure this was all the rage during the Keith Sweat era, but in the 21st centry you can pick these up from Walmart for $29.99

Jordan Two3 Waxed Denim Jacket

Wait, I already used the Chandler Bing from Friends line? Ok well, Kramer from Seinfeld would look at home in this one.

Jordan Two3 Embroidered Polo

This one on some Jesse Pinkman shit.

Air Jordan 4 Print Jacket

Velour? I haven’t seen that since the Juicy Couture tracksuits of the early 00s. But for real, these were dope AF at the time, I think i remember Vince Carter in something like this from back in the day.

Jordan Brand Velour T-Shirt

Speaking of Juicy Couture, ladies, you can look like a snack in this off-the-shoulder number.

Jordan Women’s Off-Shoulder Velour Jacket

Mike and that damn denim again.

Air Jordan 3 Print Denim Shorts


Air Jordan 5 Embroidered Footprint Jeans

Mike out here living in Westworld with the drip.

Jordan Brand Distressed Leather Jacket

Possibly based off his Grandma’s hand-knitted, too-big, Christmas gift from 1974.

Jordan Two3 Knit Sweater

I can’t even deal with the denim in this list.

Jordan Two3 Knit Sweater

Jesse Pinkman steez returns, this time with fur!

Jordan Brand Embroidered Footprint Leather Jacket

Maroon 5.

Air Jordan 5 ‘Maroon’ Track Jacket

Wow. Just wow.

Jordan Two3 Corduroy Coat

Anyone would have thought Mike was a middle aged white male back in 2003.

Jordan Brand Sweater Vest

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