7 Things Sneakerheads Need to Stop Bitching About

7 Things Sneakerheads Need to Stop Bitching About

Seriously, STFU 🤦🏽‍♂️

I’ve had it up to here. Running a sneaker and culture website, I’ve come in to contact with thousands of sneakerheads throughout my years. And if there’s one thing that sneakerheads love to do more than collecting sneakers, it’s complaining about them.

Be it on Reddit or Twitter; complaints surround me. The thing is, ‘heads have been complaining about these same things day in, day out for years. I can only imagine that their reason for complaining would be in expectancy of things to one day come good. But as they say, complaints fall on deaf ears, and it’s only actions that will cause changes.

Be the change you want to see in the world, and if you can’t change it — in the words of Queen Elsa — Let It Go. But with these guys, its easier said than done.

So, here’s my action; Pointing out the recurring gripes and to show you how you can move on, because some people seem to be having some trouble with them.

Here are 7 things sneakerheads really need to stop bitching about:


First up, let’s get this one out of the way. Creases will happen to your shoes. It’s inevitable. They are, after all, sneakers. And you can’t go sneaking around, walking with flat feet. But if you are worried about “ruining” your investments (if they are investments, you wouldn’t be wearing them, but that’s another story), buy some sneakershields or cut your toes off. If you want to complain about creases on your kicks, do something about it — but if you’re going to complain about creases on mine, GTFOH.

What other people like

And while my creases remain my business, so does my taste in sneakers. That may be a shock to some people, but — like the football team you support — tastes in sneakers will differ significantly from person to person. If someone loves adidas, you don’t need to pay out on them. If someone doesn’t like the Air Jordan 1, it’s sacrilegious — or so they say.

Objectively, there are no “best” sneakers. It’s all just a matter of personal opinion. Each to their own. Understand that, accept it and move on. Please.


“Man, fk DJ Khaled.”

“As if Mark Wahlberg needs any more free Jordans — especially the rare ones that he could easily afford.”

“Man, fk DJ Khaled”

That’s pretty much all I hear at the moment. But guys, influencers like these only have the power that we give them. We wrote about it in our recent article When are Sneaker Brands Going to Give Us Something Back?. 

Hell, we’ll even quote our work here:

Nothing’s going to change until it affects (sneaker brands) bottom line, which means the change needs to come from us. Every time we like or share a post with an influencer in it is support for the idea, even if we don’t buy the shoes. It’s time we click ‘unfollow’ on some of these undeserving “celebrities”.

If we stop validating them, we take away their influence. And brands take away their perks.


Sneaker prices have always, always gone up, like pretty much everything else in life (except wages FML). So with everything else in life getting more expensive, why do we need to complain about the things we love instead of the things we hate, like bills? Maybe it’s because we can’t enjoy them as much as we used to like it was much different ‘back then’ (yeah, they were complaining about price rises in 2001, too.)

You can complain all you want, but the multi-billion dollar industry know what they’re doing. They’ve got supply, demand and frequency worked out that well, that almost every release sells out. Accept the fact that they’ll keep climbing, contrary to what Isaac Newton proclaimed when he said ‘what goes up, must come down’.


When supply and demand don’t match up — like on almost every hyped-up release — fakes become inevitable. There will always be someone looking to capitalize on a hungry market and fill the gap. So let just let it go. It shouldn’t annoy you unless swindled yourself. And if you were smart about your transaction, you’ll always get your money back. Just don’t be dumb.

People complain about it like that can stop 100s of factories from stopping it. Yeah, good luck with that.

And should big brands do anything about it? Yes and no. For one, it’s an expensive practice, and two, counterfeit goods are often handled by national governing bodies which is free of charge.


These cancerous beings backdoor and bot-out all the best releases, treating retailers like wholesalers, and flip them for double, if not triple the cost — usually within 24 hours of its release. I hear everyone still complaining about them, their tactics and their prices, but those same people keep on paying resale prices for their cops.

Get this though: Resellers aren’t the problem, the buyers are. They’re just like the influencers we mentioned earlier; if we stop feeding the beast, they will lose their clout. If you miss out, move on. Speaking of . . .

Missing out

We all do. It’s just a fact of life. You’ll never get everything you want in life. But instead of focusing on what you don’t have, try focusing on what you do have. If everyone could somehow manage to wrangle up that mindset, this entire list will dissipate immediately. And I guarantee you’ll be a lot happier.

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