Here’s Exactly What’s Wrong with Sneakerheads (and How You Can Fix It!)

Here’s Exactly What’s Wrong with Sneakerheads (and How You Can Fix It!)

Terrible traits.

Hey, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with you — but, there is.

For the past decade, maybe more, there’s been few anti-sneakerhead traits that have been prevalent in the community. They seem to have transcended into the next generation of sneakerheads at an alarming rate. You might not be aware of them, and you might not be aware that is affecting your love for sneakers at its core.

I for one can’t stand it anymore. It’s killing me watching people fall out of love with sneakers — and what makes it worse, is that they aren’t even recognizing it in themselves.

And while I know this list won’t apply to everyone, with many of you on my side, for the most part, I’m pretty sure that almost every single one of you is guilty of at least one of these below. From not wearing kicks to shitting on everything that’s not your taste, I’ve picked out some of the worst traits that sneakerheads have picked up over the years — traits that are affecting your adoration for kicks.

It’s time to wake up and be made aware. It’s time to fall back in love with sneakers.

Here’s some advice from the heart to all of you sneakerheads out there:

Wear your damn kicks.

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Wear them inside, wear them outside, wear them in the gym; wear them in the sun, wear them in the rain and even in the snow. Get ’em dirty. Wear them without walking like an idiot to prevent creasing (they’re going to anyway). Better yet, wear them for their intended purpose; ball in your Jordan retros, run in your Air Max 1s and kick a ball around in your Sambas.

I’m not saying beat up every pair, just be a little bit more carefree, because In 10 – 15 years they’re going to be unwearable anyway. So enjoy them while they last.

Make your grail — or even your favorite OG – a beater.

Image via @dongottti

This one confuses the fuck outta me. I need someone to explain this one.

Say that Jordan Brand finally re-release the OG you’ve been waiting on for decades. The last drop you missed out on, and the OG only came out when you were in fourth grade. You’ve been daydreaming about the re-release for years — and finally, it happens. A big, fat W. Then you proceed to keep them in their box, or on display, for an equal length of time you waited on them. Unworn, hidden away, never to see the light of day.

It makes zero sense.

Would you sit your brand new Bugatti in the garage, or would you be in it every chance you get to flex on rem hoes?

Exactly what I thought.

Get out there and savor it! YOLO man!

Get outside your comfort zone.

You don’t know what you’re missing out on. Trust me.

But how could you possibly know if you don’t even try?

I’m not saying you have to change completely — people don’t really like that anyway — but what I am saying is that life is best lived outside your comfort zone. Into Jordan Retros? Maybe try the new Protro React for something different. Only rock OGs and classic designs like the Stan Smith or Superstar? Try the all-new adidas Ozweego adiPrene. You don’t have to branch out too far to try something new.

Who knows, you might actually enjoy it — fuck me, right?

Don’t hate, appreciate.

If you can’t manage to do the above point, the least you can do is appreciate other sneakers.

Stop posting “🗑” on every sneaker that’s not your style. Just because it’s not your jam, it doesn’t mean that the quality, execution and target audience for the sneaker is entirely off point. Understand that not every sneaker is made just for you — so take a step back and appreciate a good thing, because it’s making someone else happy.

New Balance is a great example; they use quality materials, out-of-this-world execution, and a loyal following to boot — but it’s heritage stylings are 100% not for me. But I still love what NB is all about, I get why they have accrued such a loyal fanbase and I can appreciate every single release they put out. And you can, too. Just stop being negative — it’s not all about you!

And if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all — didn’t your momma teach you that?

Stop finding things to complain about.

Didn’t get that OG 3M Reflective on the 13?

Got #45 on the Heel and high-cut leather on the 11?

Newsflash! They’ve changed the shape and materials on almost every OG that’s circulating today. So why do people feel the need to complain about it now?

Because it’s human nature to criticize.

Moreso, why are they complaining about some releases and not others? I heard no complaints about the remastered Air Jordan 1 series, nor the non-OG lower-cut on the upcoming Black Cement Air Jordan 4. Hell, I’d like to see that 3/8 cut return to the Four, but I’m not complaining about it — I’m just happy they’re coming back.

Tell someone else you like their kicks — in person.

Wait, do people still speak to each other these days?

I don’t think so. What the hell happened to the sneaker community?

On the odd chance you see a sneakerhead on the street, at the mall or at the gym, compliment them — even if it’s on a pair of sneakers you don’t particularly like. A real-life complement to a sneakerhead about their kicks is with more than 10,000 Instagram double taps. And making someone else’s day will make you feel better, too.

Give back.

When you reach a certain age, you’ll have acquired more shoes than you’ll ever probably wear. Some pairs less special — and less valuable — than others. And if you’re already taken on board point #2, you may have a handful of beaters just lying around. So instead of selling these joints for super cheap on Facebook or GOAT, why not donate them, or pass them on to someone who might appreciate them more than you? After all, this whole thing is about sneaker love, and you can easily help spread it.

There’s already a handful of charities that specialize in collecting sneakers and shoes, but giving back to your local sneaker community is just as good, too. The satisfaction of paying forward in the community is an unmatchable feeling, it brings you good karma, and it makes everybody feel damn good.

And let’s make it the go-to question to ask those in a higher position in the community. Next time you see The Perfect Pair, DJ Clark Kent or Wale, don’t ask them how many pairs they have, or what their favorite, rarest or most expensive pairs are; ask them how many pairs they’ve given away this year. Because a movement like this needs to start and be made public at the top.


If you haven’t picked up on it by now, the underlying theme to every point is enjoyment. Enjoy your kicks, enjoy the community around it and make the most of the day, because you might not get the chance to enjoy them tomorrow.

Editor’s Note: You’ll notice we didn’t touch on asshole resellers, or the guys that only care about how much resale on a drop is. We don’t consider them sneakerheads. At all.

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