KITH Just Delivered the Biggest L to an Off-White Bot User

KITH Just Delivered the Biggest L to an Off-White Bot User


Let’s all take a moment to appreciate the greatness of this troll, which was handed out by KITH over the weekend.

Now, we’re used to taking L’s from retailers — that’s nothing new — but this bot user got a lot more (or a lot less) than he bargained for. The Stateside retailer has found a new way to battle the bots, and they’ve done so in spectacular form.

Knowing how bots work, automatically trawling through store URLs looking for early access, Kith’s online team linked an Off-White URL ( to the Air Jordan 1 ‘Wheat’ — a shoe they had trouble moving. Simply visiting the URL’s page will tell you that it’s not the coveted Off-White release, but a link to a struggling-to-sell retro — every reseller’s worst nightmare. But, of course, as bots work, the user unknowingly bought up as many pairs on the page as they could afford, according to a thread on reddit. Feeling duped, the buyer apparently got in touch with Kith in an attempt to cancel their order — totalling over $1700 — only to be denied.

The buyer warned the KITH that they would be hearing from their ‘lawyers’ (yes, plural), which one wonders how they could afford just one, as they claimed that the initial transaction would send them broke. But, even if the seemly young boy-user does in fact get themself legal representation, we don’t like their chances.

The website lists the Air Jordan 1 as a ‘final sale’ item. That mean that no returns or exchanges are accepted. Not to mention KITH’s terms and conditions, which clearly state that the use of any bot or online exploit is strictly prohibited, and that their use grants Kith the right to refuse any return or refund.

With the URL still linking to the Air Jordan 1, which are now sold out, it suggests that more than one bot-user has been played.

Kudos, KITH.

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