Nigel Sylvester Signs with Jordan Brand

Nigel Sylvester Signs with Jordan Brand

Though he’s been signed to Nike since 2005, pro BMX legend Nigel Sylvester has finally jumped on board with the Jumpman.

The Queens, NY native has had his hand in just about everything this past few years, from his wildly popular video series GO, to high-fashion events, and even his own Air Jordan 1 collaboration. The latter was a catalyst for Sylvester, who three years ago, became a household name in the sneakerverse. On the third anniversary of its release, Nigel has officially joined the Jordan Brand family as its first-ever BMX athlete.

Nigel Sylvester and his 2018 Ai Jordan 1 collaboration.

Nigel rekindled his love for Jordan Brand back in 2012, where he switched his riding footwear to the ever-iconic Air Jordan 1.

“I began riding in them back in 2012, and it felt right.,” said Sylvester. “The outsole grips my pedal perfectly and provides the ankle support I need. I’ve been signed to Nike for years, and Nike is home to me. That being said, it’s an incredible feeling to be signed as an official athlete of the Jordan Brand family”

It’s been noted that Sylvester will continue collaborating with the brand on product, content, and more — but all of that is still to come.

You can catch Jordan Brand’s full interview with Nigel Sylvester here.

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