15 of the Worst Fake Sneakers from our Tour of Indonesia

15 of the Worst Fake Sneakers from our Tour of Indonesia

Surely these are fakes based off fakes.

I recently took a well deserved vacation to the wonderful land that is Indonesia — Bali to be precise. Beautiful weather, lovely people and cheap beer — what more could you ask for? Oh, and like any cheap holiday destination, they have a plentiful bounty of fake goods.

Each main street and side alley is adorned with mini-stalls that spruik some of the worst counterfeit goods you’ll ever encounter. From Gucci bags to fake Rolexs, you’ll find everything you’d expect from a fraudulent marketplace. You rarely found well-produced goods; for the most part, they were atrocious. But it was the sneakers that humored me the most. It’s like these fakes were based off bad fakes.

I told myself that the trip was for relaxation purposes only. But I just couldn’t help myself. These are hands down, some of the worst fake sneaker I’ve ever come in contact with — I just had to share some of the worst of the worst with you. So brace yourself. things are about to get ugly.

Let’s start off with this . . . hybrid? Those those iridescent stripes are fire tho.

Not one element is in the correct place on these Air Max 90s.

Huge-ass tongues on the back of these two “YEZZYs” make it look like some kind of Gene Simmons collab.

. . . but they’re not as chunky as this Air Force 1 strap ??‍♂️

A few standard, shitty Yeezys . . .

Can someone tell me WTF is going on here?

Bro someone took a bite outta my Swoosh.

Vacation slippers.

They baked the sole units for a little too long on these two . . .

Wait, they still make these?

My God they butchered an absolutely classic silhouette ??‍♂️

The back on these Ultraboosts are sitting up straighter than a well behaved student. Oh, and their “Boost” was more like “Brick”

There were a hell of a lot more, a lot worst pairs on offer, but more often than not, we were not allowed to photograph the “goods”.  Needless to day, I didn’t leave the country with any LPUs.

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