6 NBA Players You’d Definitely Want at Your Office Christmas Party

6 NBA Players You’d Definitely Want at Your Office Christmas Party

Silly SZN.

t’s about that time of year — dreadful work Christmas parties full of regret, with people you don;t particularly like to begin with. But it still manages to be fun-ish year after year.

But what if, just maybe, you could invite a handful of the NBAs best into the inner sanctum of your workplace to really get the party going? Because, let’s be honest, they all need an injection of fun.

We gots a thinking and dialed in a list of 6 NBA superstars that’d we’d love to invite to our in-office party. Now, we’re just waiting on their replies And with these six guys all being such wildcards, we wouldn’t be surprised if any one fo them turned up.

6. Klay Thompson

Klay’s sarcastic personality is needed at every office party. He’s been spotted drinking a beer during a press conference and dancing like an animal overseas. He’d be the guy to lace the cookies and spike the punch, just for a good time.

5. Steven Adams

Similar in nature to Klay, but a bit more subdued — but weirder. The Kiwi big man is good for a laugh, as proven in a million press conferences. He’s even better to have around for the after party as a drawcard, likely pulling a bevy of tipsy ladies asking for photos ,thinking he’s Jason Momoa. And, as an added bonus, no one will start any shit fighting at the after party with the intimidating 7 footer in your corner.

4. RaJon Rondo

Clearly the funniest player in the NBA who doesn’t try to be funny at all, Rondo would definitely say something inappropriate to the boss, the boss’ wife, their daughter and the entire board fo directors. And he’d do it semi-unintentionally.

3. Joel Embiid

Full of life, full of energy and full of back-handed compliments and roasts, Joel Embiid is the guy you just can’t hate, even if he’s insulted you. Likely the guy who will want to keep the party going, and going and going, after everyone has well and truly left or passed out.

2. Lance Stephenson

Just images this guy on the sauce. That is all I need to say.

1. J.R. Smith

He’ll arrive shirtless, three-quarters of a Henny bottle in, lit as hell ready to get it poppin’. Could you imagine an all-star NBA party lineup without JR? And with him around, Hennything is possible for the night.

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