VIDEO // Carmelo Anthony Actually Apologizes for Hitting Open Jumper

VIDEO // Carmelo Anthony Actually Apologizes for Hitting Open Jumper

Being a Knick for so long, apologizing just becomes a habit.

Check out what Carmelo Anthony does here:

Paul and Harden must have clearly instructed Melo on his role for the upcoming season — take a three or give up the rock — because, in a bizarre occurrence, the 2012-13 NBA leading scorer did something we’ve never seen him do before — he apologized for making a shot.

No, not for taking a bad shot or overlooking a wide open teammate, but for making a shot.

It seems that Carmelo is buying into D’Antoni’s game plan in n attempt to breathe new life into the final phase of his career. The three-ball is a big part of the Rocket’s game, after all, they did make just over 15 triples per game last season, and it looks like that’s the core part Melo’s role this year.

But did “Mid-range Melo” really need to apologize here? No.

In fact, it was good to see Melo back to his best shooting off the dribble. It was vintage Melo, and he damn well enjoyed it. And we al know Melo plays his best when he’s having fun out there.

No doubt Melo has been hot and cold over the past few seasons, but he shouldn’t be apologizing for a shot that he has consistently nailed throughout his 15-year ​NBA career.

Stay Melo, Melo!

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