Lamar Odom Was Kidnapped and Held Hostage by Bookies Over a Gambling Debt

Lamar Odom Was Kidnapped and Held Hostage by Bookies Over a Gambling Debt

O dear.

Somehow, Lamar Odom is still surprising us with his off-court dealings. Each time we hear about the former Laker forward, his situations somehow get more ridiculous and eye-opening than the last.

Who would have thought that this guy could top a shootout at Hooters or being airlifted out of a brothel.

But while we’re entertained, it’s actually some serious shit. Everyone just wants Lamar to straighten out his life, as he is clearly battling some demons. He was moving toward turning it around when he announced he’d be playing basketball in China earlier this year. That was in the Summer, which still gave hime enough time to make headlines once more.

Per the below report, while Odom was visiting his girlfriend, the former NBA forward borrowed money from the wrong bookies and was held hostage after he quickly lost $10,000.

Less than a day later, when the bookies realized he didn’t have the money, they kicked in his hotel room door, threatened to shoot Odom’s girlfriend and daughter, and took him for ransom.

What makes the matter more ridiculous is that Lamar partied away his time in hostage, while his girlfriend Savannah and his friends were forced to scrape together around $4,500 — all while Lamar was out clubbing with his captors.

Wait, what?!

Of course, Odom still hasn’t finished paying off his debt, plus the interest. here’s hoping he can clear this and finally sort his shit out.

We wish you the best Big O.

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