LeBron Wants to Let You Know that the Lakers Aren’t Like Oatmeal

LeBron Wants to Let You Know that the Lakers Aren’t Like Oatmeal

Ummm what?

The world finally got its first look at LeBron James and the new-look ​Los Angeles Lakers Thursday night when they took on the Portland Trail Blazers in their season opener. James was on point as usual, scoring 26 points with 12 rebounds an six assists over 37 minutes played, however, LA took a loss to open up the year, 128-119.

Despite the defeat, LeBron in a Laker uniform was an intriguing sight to see all game long, and the show didn’t end when the clock showed all zeroes. After the game, LBJ was asked about the Lakers’ chemistry, and he used a breakfast analogy to help drive his point home:

“Um, not as fast as you guys think it’s going to happen,” James responded when asked how long the chemistry would take to build within this Laker squad. “I always kind of compare it to like instant oatmeal. It’s not that fast. It takes a while to get to where you can close your eyes and know exactly where your guys are.”

Great analogy there, Bron. Indeed, chemistry is more comparable to a fine meatloaf. It takes time, work, and hours of frustration.

The man is right, though. Fans would be foolish to think that the Lake Show would come charging out of the gates operating like a well-oiled machine. The King is working with a very young group of players who haven’t even found chemistry amongst themselves, let alone with the 33-year old who just joined the squad.

Despite that, Los Angeles still managed to score 119 points in their first full regular season game together. Such is the benefit of having an NBA legend on your roster.

The Lakers won’t be a superteam tomorrow, but once they get a couple more pieces and have some time to mesh together, they’ll be a force to be reckoned with. One day, it will be oatmeal time.

This article first appeared on 12up.

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