Twitter Recalls Dumb-Ass NBA Moments in Epic “Y’all Remember” Thread

Twitter Recalls Dumb-Ass NBA Moments in Epic “Y’all Remember” Thread

The NBA: Where Amazing Happens.

While amazing things do often happen in the NBA, it’s not exempt from horrible things happening, too.

Because this is a league full of incredible players, massive contracts, and split-second decision-making. Sometimes, owners, players, and GMs make the hilariously wrong call. It happens, like, every year, actually. Multiple times. And it’s always worth remembering.

Y’all remember…these?



At the time, ​Chandler was pretty defensible! Unfortunately, he’s played less than one full season for Memphis is well over two years.



Remember that?! Portland remembers! Luckily, Greg Oden’s got thick skin.



Literally hard to believe this ever happened. Highly necessary we remember this.



​​I…actually don’t remember that, but I believe Scal would do such a thing. Of course I do.




Does anyone remember, or did Rob Pelinka mind-wipe us all? Jesus Christ.​​



​Lakers, you IDIOTS!

Remember when Ric Bucher was high?



​​Clearly high on drugs.



Worth mentioning that this is true. Anyone have the tapes?




​​Low blow. Sounds terrible when you put it that way!

Pistons fans, look away for a second. No need to remember this.



​​Oh, no, everybody. Those Pistons fans have a family.





I still can’t believe just how bad the Lakers were.

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