Report // Lakers Favoring Klay Thompson over Kawhi Leonard in 2019 Free Agency

Report // Lakers Favoring Klay Thompson over Kawhi Leonard in 2019 Free Agency


Boy, the Los Angeles Lakers are already looking forward to next season. I know we’ve still got one in the way — LeBron’s first in the Purp and Gold — but in reality, their best shot at a chip lays in the off-season signings of 2019.

Golden State Warriors shooting guard Klay Thompson is expected to be a free agent next summer and the Los Angeles Lakers can’t wait. Thompson is of course an incredible 3-point shooter who would compliment LeBron James’ style of play very well.

Get this guy to L.A.

​​Whether it’s LeBron, Brandon Ingram or Lonzo Ball kicking out to Thompson, there’s a great chance the ball is going in.

Kawhi Leonard may want to be in Los Angeles, but that doesn’t mean he’s guaranteed to be a Laker. Because from all reports, the Lakers are already favoring a chase for Klay next off season.

​The Los Angeles Clippers are an option for Leonard, especially if Thompson is who the Lakers choose to sign. Granted, this is all under the assumption that Thompson doesn’t re-sign with the Warriors.

Who knows, maybe Klay will want to do the opposite of KD to join a team they’re already beating to knock off his old mob.

The Lakers wouldn’t only acquire one of the best 3-point shooters in ​NBA history, but a great defender as well — making Thompson a more attractive coup than Leonard.

If the deal does go ahead next season, it will definitely weaken the Warriors, who use their offensive power to stretch opposing teams defence’s like no other team in history.

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