Terry Rozier is Being Sued for Copyright Infringment

Terry Rozier is Being Sued for Copyright Infringment

They ain’t scared of Scary Terry.

​Can anything go right for the Boston Celtics this season?

Marcus Smart has accused the team of playing like punks while Kyrie Irving has said the ​team is close to hitting rock bottom. Their star recruit Gordon Hayward is struggling to find his pre-injury form and the team is off to a sluggish start, hovering around the .500 mark.

And now, just to make matters worse for the boys from Bean Town, their second-unit point guard is being sued for copyright infringement

Terry Rozier’s breakthrough performances throughout last season’s playoffs in Kyrie Irving’s absence saw him develop the nickname “Scary Terry” — and the guard decided he needed to capitalize on the opportunity. Since then, the former Louisville star has been selling apparel with a cartoon version of himself wearing the “Scream” mask, with “Scary Terry” written below it.

The company that created the “Scream” mask thinks he’s in the wrong.

And so do we.




Easter Unlimited, Inc. claims the image isn’t Rozier’s to use, because they have two registered trademarks related to the mask.

The company states that Rozier knowingly printed the mask on his apparel without permission and are asking him to fork over his “wrongful profits.”

The serious nature of copyright infringements cannot be understated, but surely Terry (along with Barstool Sports) wasn’t trying to illegally violate one of his favorite childhood movies.

We expect a settlement to be reached sooner rather than later.

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