The Absolute Worst Players in NBA 2K19 Have Been Revealed

The Absolute Worst Players in NBA 2K19 Have Been Revealed

The worst of the worst.

It’s quite an honor and a privilege to be put in a video game, considering you must certainly be notable enough at something to get that recognition. Even if you’re the worst at what you do.

So, it’s with great honor that I present to you a list full of people worthy enough, but barely good enough, to be included in NBA 2K19.

Here are the absolute worst players and their ratings in NBA 2K19.

10. Zhou Qi (66)

While he wasn’t the reason for the Houston Rockets’ great season, there is certainly promise in the young player from China.

If he can continue to develop under Mike D’ Antoni, maybe this freakishly long player will end up being a key player for the Rockets. But for now, he’s a 66 in NBA 2K, but perhaps the in-season live ratings update will help him out once the year starts.

9. Daniel Hamilton (66)

Ethan Miller/GettyImages
After playing for both the Oklahoma City Thunder and their G League affiliate, you might think Hamilton would have improved over the course of the last few seasons.

Apparently, there’s still plenty of room to grow. Hopefully he gets some more playing time with his new team, the Atlanta Hawks, and improves his game.

8. Chris Boucher (66)

Ethan Miller/GettyImages
Chris Boucher may have spent some brief time with the Golden State Warriors, but he clearly had no impact on their recent dominance in the NBA.

Boucher may have just a rating of 66, but at least he can say he played with the champs…for one whole minute.

7. Jabari Bird (66)

Adam Glanzman/GettyImages
Jabari Bird not only has one of the worst ratings in NBA 2K19, he has plenty of other issues as well.

The 24-year-old was recently arrested for a domestic incident in which he allegedly assaulted and kidnapped a romantic partner of his.

Yeah, being rated a 66 is the least of his worries.

6. Travis Wear (66)

After going undrafted in 2014, Travis Wear has been on a mission to prove he’s capable of starting on an NBA team.

Clearly, NBA 2K19 doesn’t think he quite has the skills for that. Wear is currently on a two-way contract for the Lakers.

5. John Holland (66)

John Holland is another player who has been desperately trying to claw his way into an NBA roster.

After going undrafted in 2011, Holland has been around the world, playing in Europe for some time before returning to the NBA. Perhaps getting some playing time on a LeBron-less Cavs team will help him out.

4. Isaiah Hicks (65)

Can you guess it? That’s right, here we have another undrafted player looking to find a spot on a roster.

Hicks, who is currently signed to a two-way contract with the Toronto Raptors, is the first person on our list with the horrible NBA 2K19 score of 65.

3. Naz Mitrou-Long (65)

Another player with the worst possible score in all of NBA 2K19, Naz Mitrou-Long has yet to find a permanent home in his short career.

Stuck in a continuous loop of 10-day contracts, we’d be surprised to see Mitrou-Long get a noteworthy contract in this competitive league, especially since he’s on a very deep Jazz team.

2. Reggie Hearn (65)

Despite being a 65 in NBA 2K19, Reggie Hearn might be the person on this list with the most promise.

As a decent three-point shooter, perhaps Hearn can find his way onto a roster as a young role player. Until then, he’s locked into a two-way contract with the Detroit Pistons.

1. Luke Kornet (65)

Kornet may be the all-time leading three-point shooter for a person over seven feet in NCAA history, but he still makes it onto the list at a rating of 65.

Unlike most of the others on the list, Kornet is signed on a standard contract to the New York Knicks, but he did make a good impression with the team last season after appearing in 20 games.

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