The Clippers Paying Tribute to Austin Rivers is Surely a Massive Troll

The Clippers Paying Tribute to Austin Rivers is Surely a Massive Troll

Maybe his old man was playing a prank?

What the hell is going on with NBA franchises?

They’ve taken tributes a little to far this season. Typically they’re reserved for superstars and franchise stallwarts who have since moved on to new teams. And in this day and age, with loyalties from both sides waining in the sport, you would think that returning star tributes would be a rarity.



Last season season we saw tributes given to the following players: Dwight Howard (Hawks), Patrick Beverley (Rockets), J.J. Redick (Clippers), Jae Crowder (Celtics), and Jamal Crawford (Clippers).

Not really guys who have done enough for their previous franchises we’d have thought. Then again, the Clippers don’t have much to celebrate in terms of success — but this one is beyond a joke.

Sunday night saw the Clips pay homage to Austin Rivers, who’s now with the Wizards, during a mid-first quarter timeout.

You could say that every player in the aforementioned list deserved a tribute a hell of a lot more than ​Austin Rivers or “AR25,” according to the tribute.

Hell i didn’t even know he had a nickname.

But what really makes me think that this is a troll (probably planned out by dear old dad) is that fact that the Clippers included Rivers’ averagely mediocre stats in the video, noting that he improved his scoring with each passing season.

The Clippers made it their priority to point out his overwhelmingly average stat line from last season. So let’s do the same: 15.1 points, 4 assists, and 2.4 rebounds per game.

Yes, they really included that poor rebounding rate.

On the odd chance that this wasn’t a troll, please, all NBA franchises, let’s keep the tribute videos to players who actually deserve one.

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