There’s Something Wrong With the Warriors

There’s Something Wrong With the Warriors

What’s Wrong with the Warriors?

Firstly, how perfect is that feature image above for this article?

Spot on, we thought.

Well — this definitely wasn;t the start to the season the Warriors were hoping for. It’s more like what everyone else was hoping for.

After beginning the year 11-2, the Warriors have hit a slump, losing four out of their last five games, with their most recent L being delivered by the San Antonio Spurs on Sunday night, courtesy of a 104-92 beating.



So how do the Warriors, who came into the season overwhelming favorites to win their third-straight NBA Championship, dish out performances like this?

There’s a few reasons. Firstly;

Stephen Curry. He’s been absent from the Warriors lineup for the past five games with a groin strain. And coincidentally, Golden State has lost the last four out of five games. The Warriors may be stacked, they may have insane depth, but Curry’s vacancy at point completely changes the dynamic of the Warriors offense and the opposing team’s defensive structure. This just reinforces the fact that Steph Curry is the most valuable asset on the Warriors list — not the unguardable, pure scoring, defensive machine that is Kevin Durant.

It also could be contributed to, in part, the Warriors’ diminishing locker room chemistry. We all know about the beef between Draymond and Kevin, on live television and for all of the NBA world to see, we watched as Green shouted at Durant, labelling the two-time MVP a “bitch” and that Golden State doesn’t need him on the team to win another championship.

That surely gotta cause tension at training and in pre-game meetings.

Or, perhaps they’re just missing that Zaza charisma.

Warriors fans, you don;t need to sweat on this yet, though. There’s still plenty of games left in the season to turn this all around. CCome post-season, all of this drama should fizzle out and the Warriors will easily refocus on their three-peat campaign.

But as of right now, there’s something wrong with the Warriors — and only one man can fix it.

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