VIDEO // Draymond Green Dares You to Name 5 Better Defenders Than Him

VIDEO // Draymond Green Dares You to Name 5 Better Defenders Than Him

The ego on this guy is something else.

It may be a new season, but we’re still getting the same ol’ Draymond.

The Warriors cult figure was not happy being named in last year’s ​Second Team All-Defense. He did, to his credit, shoulder some of the blame for missing out on his fourth straight First Team selection, but he also wasn’t having it. He challenged the voters to name five defensive players in the league better than him.

In all fairness though, Draymond, you wasn’t quite up to your own standard last year after battling with injuries. For sure you found incredible form ​right in time for the playoffs, but it’s based off the entire season, not just a handful of games.

Green is not one to back down on the court. Ever. And it’s clear that when it comes to him and the legacy of his career, he ain’t backing down, either.

Coming off of his third NBA championship in four seasons, it can be hard for players on Golden State to remain motivated. Green, however, should find no problem bringing his best to every game after this perceived snub from awards voters last year.

He’s determined to once again prove that he is the best defender in the league on the best team in the league.

Great, that’s just what the rest of the league wants to hear.

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