VIDEO // Halftime Marriage Proposal at MSG Was All Kinds of Awkward

VIDEO // Halftime Marriage Proposal at MSG Was All Kinds of Awkward

Well, that was romantic . . .

Proposing to your significant other in front of thousands of people at a live sports event is always a major gamble. If it lacks the impact you had pictured in your mind, not only will it ​underwhelm in general, but tens of thousands of people are well aware of your lack of romance and creativity. Case in point, Charles’ awkward proposal to girlfriend Christina at last night’s Knicks-Warriors ​game.

​​In some weird version of The Newlyweds Game, the next prompt that came on the Jumbotron at Madison Square Garden was Enes Kanter and Kristaps Pozingis holding CGI’s signs with “will you marry me?”

Touching? Maybe. Sincere? Definitely. Smooth and romantic? Probably not. She looked like she wanted to run — or she just wanted some pie.

The NBA specifically has a weird trend of marriage proposals going awry. At a Hawks game last season, a guy tried to get gown on one knee and propose to his girl before his idiot friend bumped him and lost the ring.

f your partner is a diehard sports fan, and you pull off the proposal in a never-before seen and creative way, it could make for a perfect storm of emotion and romance. If you make it as awkward as Charles did, it becomes ​fodder for Twitter. ​​

This article first appeared on 12up.

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