Warriors Giving Draymond Green ‘Some Time Off’

Warriors Giving Draymond Green ‘Some Time Off’


Draymond Green is no stranger to the spotlight, but as of late, it’s been a little bit different — and it’s not for reasons the Warriors are terribly happy about.

Green has already faced reprimand for his on court (and in the locker room) clash with teammate Kevin Durant, but now it seems to be a recurring injury to his foot that’s keeping him out of action — or so we’re being told.



For Green, this injury has been plaguing him for a while now, and playing through it has only made matters more difficult for the team. His performance against the Rockets on Thursday night proves that — and that he needs to rest —  as he accounted for ZERO points in 24 minutes of play.

The rest make sense. The Warriors are still early in the season. It will give Draymond time to heal the foot, and the Warriors time to heal the tensions.

​​With Curry out of the lineup as well, Golden State will likely continue to struggle for the foreseeable future — losing like teams to the Mavericks last night just proves that.

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