Wizards Tickets are Selling for an Absurdly Low $5

Wizards Tickets are Selling for an Absurdly Low $5

What is this Wizardy?​

Yeh, we know that the Washington Wizards aren’t playing good basketball. Starting the season at  5-9 isn’t ideal, but we guess it could be much worse. And with Wizards tickets already hitting StubHub for five bucks — I wonder just how low they’d go if they started the season as poorly as say,  the Cleveland Cavaliers.

​​What does it say about your franchise when tickets to your games are less expensive than a stadium beer?

It’s warranted, though, because I can’t find anyone I know who’d want to drop a fiver on watching these guys play right now.

We don;t know what’s going on behind closed doors, but the Wizards, a team full of talent, need to sort their shit out — fast — if they still have aspirations of playing post-season ball.

Until that team returns, I’ll keep my fiver, thanks.

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