5 New Yorkers Charged in $73 Million Counterfeit Air Jordan Scam

5 New Yorkers Charged in $73 Million Counterfeit Air Jordan Scam

New York Shifty.

New York’s finest just saved sneakerheads from their worst nightmare when they uncovered and apprehended five guys (no, not the burger chain) for their roles in a whopping $73 Million counterfeit Air Jordan ring.

The Big Apple has now rid itself of five bad apples, with the boys and girls in navy blue busting open the operation with the assistance of Homeland Security. The five men, Miyuki Suen, Jian Min Huang, Songhua Qu, Kin Lui Chen and Fangrang Qu, were arrested and charged in relation to the importation of 385,280 pairs of fake Air Jordans between January 2016 and March 2018. Based off authentic retail prices of $190, the operation totalled a whopping $73 million in knock-off merchandise, investigators say.

The complex counterfeit coup included 42 shipping containers of bootleg Js, which were carbon copies of the real McCoy — except the trademarked branding. That was added to the counterfeit creps on US soil, at locations in the boroughs of Queens and Brooklyn.

Investigators trawled through over 27,000 pairs of fakes before they quashed the counterfeit operation. The suspects, if found guilty, could face up to 20 years jail time — each.

US attorney of Manhattan Geoffery S. Berman said the case sends a clear and ironic message to any would-be counterfeiters in the US of A: ‘Just don’t do it.’


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