Are Union Doing Another Air Jordan Collab?

Are Union Doing Another Air Jordan Collab?

Union owner Chris Gibbs hints at what’s next.

Union Los Angeles’ Air Jordan 1 collaboration was a near-unanimous contender for sneaker of the year in 2018, and according to store owner Chris Gibbs, that partnership might not be over.

In an appearance on the latest episode of the Failing Upwards podcast, Gibbs hinted that there could be more to come from Union and Jordan Brand. When asked if another Jordan is in the works, Gibbs says one “might be” and then says he’d specifically like to use the Air Jordan 2 or Air Jordan 4 as Union’s next canvas.

It’s still early, but it sounds like Gibbs and his team may on their way to attempting to recreate the success of the first collabs, which currently resell for averages of over $800.

Stay tuned for more deets.

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