Barbershop gets busted with over $100k in fakes

Barbershop gets busted with over $100k in fakes

Fading back on fakes.

If you’re copping your kicks from the backdoor of a suburban barbershop, chances are they’re not going to be the real McCoy. And that’s just the case for this barber shop in Raleigh, North Carolina, which has busted a dude signing for a delivery of 83 pairs of fakies.

According to the North Carolina Secretary of State’s Office, the counterfeit kicks were collectively worth approximately $10,000, based on the recommended retail pricing of the real deal. One hundred counterfeit designer belts were also seized.

Investigators were alerted to the knockoff goods due the heavily taped cardboard packaging, which was identical to that of previously intercepted fake merchandise.

The man behind the operation, Omar Tariq Lucas, has been charged with criminal use of a counterfeit trademark.

But as you’re well aware, $10,000 out of the black market is small change for the slippery $461 Billion industry,

Source: The News & Observer and WRAL-5

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