Concept Lab // Air Jordan 11 “Red/Gum”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 11 “Red/Gum”

Gotta love Gum!

Call me an old head, but I love Gum bottoms.

But it’s a rarity for Jordan Brand to flex the classic finish on silhouettes, opting for the use of traditional rubbers or translucent. But on the odd occasion, they appear, like 2016’s Air Jordan 11 Low Navy/Gum.

And boy did it look good. So damn good that it even had guys who have forever poo-poo’d the low cut picking up a pair.

But here’s a pair that everyone could get around. A mid-cut rocking a combo of vibrant Red and classic Gum, with mixed in pops of white. We’ve also trialed out this colorway in a mid-cut of the navy (impeccable), olive (outstanding) and many other hues, each looking incredibly good — so expect a few more variations of these Gum-soled 11s to surface from our Concept Lab over the coming months!

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Air Jordan 11 “Red/Gum”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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