Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Sequoia”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 12 “Sequoia”

National Treasure.

Here’s a fun fact: Sequoia National Park, California, has the largest tree on Earth by volume stationed within its boundaries. And it’s name is — get this — General Sherman.

The Sequoia Tree lends it’s name to this new-ish Jordan Brand colorway of earthy green and subdued orange, the green representing the tree’s leafy top, the orange paring to the warms hues of the trunk. Sure, it looks similar to the iconic Undefeated Air Jordan 4, but it is, in it’s own right, a beautiful color combination, most of which you’ll find looking out into nature.

We’ve added black and grey to the mudguard and Jumpman panel for some much needed contrast, as opposed to the creams used on the Undefeated 4s, because we wanted to keep the earthy-vibes alive.

When the “Sequoia” first surfaced on the Air Jordan 8, it was an instant classic — so it will come as no surprise if this colorway pops up again on a retro — perhaps even on the Air Jordan 12.

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Air Jordan 12 “Sequoia”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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