Today’s Concept : Air Jordan 11 “Shining Star”

Today’s Concept : Air Jordan 11 “Shining Star”


Today’s concept is a very special one – a Black and Gold Air Jordan 11 that we want to get made for real with proceeds to support minority communities across the United States.

The “Shining Star” Air Jordan 11 is dedicated to those in the struggle. For those minority groups who face prejudice and discrimination on a daily basis – only because of the color of their skin, their sexual orientation or religion. It’s such an important time for America to unite, with not only natural storms hitting the nation, but political ones, too.

The all-Black upper, mid and outsole represents the darkness; the prejudice and discrimination that surrounds these people every day, with the Gold Jumpman branding shining brightly in the sky, as a symbol of dreaming that one day, things will be better – much like the great vision of Dr. Martin Luther King.

But it also represents Michael as being an inspiration to millions, making us all believe in our lives at some stage, that if we work hard at anything we can truly fly.

We feel it’s important to give back, and want to make a difference in the lives of the people who don’t get the same opportunities that you and I get on a daily basis. So if you’re passionate about making a difference, give this post a share on Facebook so we can help spread the word and creating something beautiful!

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Air Jordan 11 “Shining Star” Concept

by the House of Heat



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