Boy gets bitten over fake TNs

Boy gets bitten over fake TNs


There’s fuckwits everywhere. No matter what industry you’re in, they always find a way of in. Unfortunately for Aussie 13-year-old Decklan Manley, he met one head (and teeth) on yesterday.

The young dude was bitten on the cheek for refusing to hand over his (Thailand-fake) pair of Nike TNs.

The incident occured in Sydney, Australia when a man, roughly 18 to 20 years old, asked Decklan where to score some shard, before demanding that he hand over the Air Maxs. Decklan of course refused, and as a result he got bitten savagely on the cheek.

This shit is low-key compared to some shootings over sneakers over the years, but it’s just a timely reminder to be careful on any sneaker meet-ups.

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