How to win a pair of the “Equality” LeBron 15s

How to win a pair of the “Equality” LeBron 15s

Finally we have the opportunity to get our hands on a pair of the “Equality” Nike LeBron 15s, thanks to a special edition release of just 400 pairs, 200 of each color.

The Nike LeBron 15s will be available in the United States through an online drawing – to support and celebrate the commitment to inclusion. So being internationally excluded is definitely an oxymoron.

You can enter with unlimited $10 per-entry donations or can enter once per shoe size for free. Winners will be randomly selected for either a Black or a White pair and are encouraged to find a winner of the alternate color to trade with in order to make a mismatched pair just like LeBron.

Regardless if you’re overseas or not you can still make a donation to the cause in which the release supports – the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture.

The draw is now open and will run through 11:59 PM EST on March 2nd. Enter here. Winners will be notified on March 3rd, and shoes will be received by winners on March 5th.

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