The Top 5 Best selling signature sneakers in the NBA

The Top 5 Best selling signature sneakers in the NBA

So who is it? Which current NBA player is selling the most of their signature sneakers?

Forbes have reported on this seasons sneaker sales, and the answer might surprise you. With Steph Curry’s continued dominance, James Harden’s push for MVP and King James’ popularity and respect at an all time high, the race to take the number one spot has heated up this season.

Take a look at the TOP 5 below.

5. James Harden

4. Kevin Durant

3. Steph Curry

2. LeBron James

1. Kyrie Irving


There’s no doubt Kyrie has had a killer season and since the Kyrie 3’s debut in December last year, it has been the biggest selling signature sneaker in the NBA. This continues Nike’s dominace of the NBA, with LeBron sitting closely behind in second place.

In the Forbes article, Matt Powell wrote about Kyrie, saying “He is the new face. It’s a product that has not been in the market, and it is getting some attention from the fashion consumer as well,”

Fashion? we think not mate. But they are a killer Basketball Sneaker.

Is this Top 5 in the order you expected? Drop us a comment below of your thoughts!

Sources: Sneaker News, Forbes.

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