Available Now // UA Curry 6 “Oakland Sideshow”

Available Now // UA Curry 6 “Oakland Sideshow”

Car club creps.

The Bay Area’s Warriors, 49ers, and Giants fans all show relentless love for their teams, but there’s one other thing they show equal affection for: automobiles. Although the shoe is inspired by Oakland’s impromptu automotive exhibitions, also knows as Sideshows, the makeup it uses would be more closely associated to the sluggers of AT&T Park (I still can’t bring myself to call it Oracle Park)

These flashy kicks boast elite performance to match their color makeup, sporting a full-length HOVR midsole and lightweight woven upper that help the Chef cruise past his opponents with ease, The “Oakland Sideshow” Curry 6 hits UA.com on March 1st for $130.

The pair is also unlockable now in NBA 2K19 as part of the “UA Ruin The Game Challenge,” in which the player must defeat a team of 10 Stephen Currys, 2 Dell Currys, and a single Seth Curry — as well as breaking Steph’s single-game record of 13 threes made — to access the virtual footwear.

UA Curry 6 “Oakland Sideshow”

Release Date: March 1st, 2019
Price: $130

Where to Buy:

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