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    YEEZY Foam Runner “MX Cinder” (ID4126)
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    One of the many upcoming YEEZY footwear options revealed before the infamous fallout, the YEEZY Foam Runner "MX Cinder" will finally see a retail release, with the German company announcing its release earlier this week.

    Crafted with a unique blend of supremely comfortable EVA and algae foam, this unibody slip-on clog is a testament to the innovative design team of the now-defunct YEEZY label. The distinct perforations scattered throughout the sneaker enhance breathability, while the pronounced openings at the heel reflect the signature sole unit style of the Yeezy 700.

    The black base is transformed with an intricate “MX” marbling effect, boasting an array of warm brown and tan hues extending from the heel to the toe. The toebox, however, stands apart with a striking infusion of sky blue, lending an unexpected dash of color. As a hallmark of the MX series, the design on each pair is exclusive, ensuring each is as unique as its wearer. Adding a final touch to the design is the wave-inspired traction pattern, meticulously cut into the foam outsole.

    adidas has confirmed the release of the YEEZY Foam Runner “MX Cinder” as part of the brand's final YEEZY stock rollout on the CONFIRMED App on May 31st, 2023.

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