Getting your hands on these exclusives will run you ragged


Sweat baby, sweat.

Nike have made it extremely hard to cop pairs in recent years, with the PSNY scavenger hunt pissing people off, to everyday SNKRS app Ls making every release seem impossible. But this next drop is just ridiculous.

Nike’s Ali Cha’aban-designed Epic React ‘Dusk to Dawn’ is probably one of the most ludicrous releases in history. Family from the UAE and Saudi Arabia need to complete two nighttime runs (between 6pm and 6am) in excess of 2km and log them in their NRC app. No campouts, no plugs – just running.

There are only 30 pairs in the world, and completing the runs does not guarantee a pair, it only gets you in the raffle

And being a 6’4″, 240 lb man who’s lost every SNKRS raffle in 2018,  nothing about this sounds appealing.

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