Where to Buy the South Park x adidas Campus 80s “Towelie” Restock

Where to Buy the South Park x adidas Campus 80s “Towelie” Restock

adidas has never shied away from the opportunity of working with collaborators across the globe for a fresh spin on one its classic silhouettes. In recent memory, the German sportswear manufacturer has exemplified this with LEGO, Disney and Prada, and will add South Park to that roster before April 20th (4/20). The outcome?: The Campus 80s “Towelie”. A quick glance at the forthcoming pair’s profiles suggests more of the same from adidas Originals, but closer inspection reveals otherwise. Although the upper’s terrycloth material is unquestionably eyebrow-raising, it delivers a durable build reminiscent of the model’s signature suede. Yet, its bluish-purple fibers work in-tandem with the two eye graphics on the top of the tongue to reveal the proposition’s inspiration: Towelie. First introduced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone to South Park in 2001, the genetically engineered talking towel has played a recurring role in the series. Although his primary concern is to preach about towels’ importance (“Don’t forget to bring a towel!”), Towelie is just as – if not more – concerned with getting high, oftentimes following up absorbent cloth advice with a question in his high-pitched voice: “Want to get high?”

At his lowest point, Towelie was addicted to a variety of drugs, which led him to do some pretty graphic acts to acquire a fix. His life spiraled out of control so badly that he was banned from seeing his son, Washcloth. The South Park boys incentivized Towelie to get clean, and he does after some time in rehabilitation, but after eight years of sobriety, Towelie begins smoking marijuana again. Unlike his usage before 2018, smoking weed is now a living for the mild-mannered towel under his inspector title for Randy Marsh’s Tegridy Farms. A big fan of Marsh’s work, Towelie is often depicted with bloodshot, half-closed eyes, which make their way onto the upcoming collaboration. To achieve the effect, however, they have to be exposed to UV light (so a daytime munchies-run will do the trick). Additionally, a stash pocket appears underneath the tongue, and a keychain duo – one for Towelie’s two states – is included with the shoes. Enjoy official images of the South Park x adidas Campus 80 “Towelie” here below, and anticipate pairs arriving to adidas.com on April 20th.

Update 04.12.21 // adidas has now opened the drawing for the South Park x adidas Campus 80 “Towelie” right here on the U.S. CONFIRMED App. If you’re elsewhere in the world, check the relevant links below for updates in your region.

Update 10.01.21 // adidas US has confirmed a restock of the South Park x adidas Campus 80 “Towelie” for October 6th via CONFIRMED drawing.

South Park x adidas Campus 80 “Towelie”

Release Date: April 20th, 2021
Restock Date: October 6, 2022

Style Code: GZ9177
Color: Chalk Purple/Footwear White
Price: $100

Where to Buy:
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adidas UK Check Site
adidas CA Check Site
adidas AU Check Site
adidas Global Check Local Site

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