Concept Lab // Air Jordan 11 “Green/Gum”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 11 “Green/Gum”

Gum SZN.

I just can’t get enough Gum in my life.

And being a big Jordanhead, it makes it all the more difficult, with the Jumpman Brand offering up sweet F-A when it comes to gum-soles sneaks. So I decided to get in the lab, create a handful of gum-soled Jordan 11s in hope that they sit up and take notice.

First off the bat was a Red/Gum rendition, followed by a back-to-basics Black/Gum, but today I’m heading down the military route, opting for a mix of Olive Green and — you guessed it — Gum. In fact, we did this colorway years back. But it didn’t look this good, trust me, so we went back and remastered it.

But wait, there’s more: we’ve also trialed out this colorway in a mid-cut of the navy (impeccable), maroon (outstanding) and many other hues, each looking incredibly good — so expect a few more variations of these Gum-soled 11s to surface from our Concept Lab over the coming months!

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Air Jordan 11 “Green/Gum”

From the HOUSE OF HEAT Concept Lab

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