Concept Lab // Air Jordan 7 “Bucks”

Concept Lab // Air Jordan 7 “Bucks”

Our tip for the C’hip.

Giannis is something else.

We haven’t seen anyone like him come along in a long, long time. Athletic, long, can score, rebound, handle the ball — he is the ultimate hooper. And his career is only starting. But while he and the Bucks may be experienced in the postseason, they’re our tip for the C’hip.

Sweeping the Pistons in the first round, they look to take on Kyrie Irving and the Celtics, in what has been a disappointing year for the team in green. Should they when the Bucks win that series, they’ll be facing the Sixers or the Raps in what will be the biggest battle in the East since the Bulls v Knicks hit-outs of the 90s.

But, we still see Milwaukee prevailing.

We know they haven’t been good for a very, very, very long time. Since the 70s, in fact. Which is why we chose the Air Jordan 7 for this concept to honor the franchise in the hope of securing their second-ever title.

It’s easy to hate the Warriors and the Rockets, but you can’t hate an underdog. And every dog has its day. This might just be it.

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Air Jordan 7 “Bucks”

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