Nike Has Now Cancelled the Culturally Flawed Puerto Rican Day Air Force 1 Low

Nike Has Now Cancelled the Culturally Flawed Puerto Rican Day Air Force 1 Low

Ohhhh boy 🤦🏽‍♂️

The recently revealed Nike Air Force 1 Low for Puerto Rican Day is actually complete balls-up, and is now on the verge of being canceled (which it should be), thanks to a clarification from the OG Sneaker Don, DJ Clark Kent.

The notorious collector and Panamanian descendant was rightfully unhappy with Nike’s lack of research when it came to this year’s special edition release for the celebratory day. The pair, which sports a traditional art form on the mid and rear panels, is the culprit of the commotion, being a native expression of Panama, not Puerto Rico. He goes on to say that “Respectfully, This is not a part of Puerto Rico’s rich culture. Though we (Panamanian and Puerto Ricans) are both Spanish speaking people, we have different traditions, art & cultural expressions. When celebrating one, please do proper research. These things should not be confused.”

Take a look at the post below:

Look, I’m no expert when it comes to cultural art forms and expressive pieces, but if you’re going to do a project that celebrates a nation’s heritage, you have one job: Truly capture a nation’s values, history, and tradition — and make sure you get it right. Not only is it disrespectful for the Panamanians, but for the Puerto Ricans, too. Calls for the sneaker to be canceled flood Kent’s post, and, with the issue now publicized by one of the community’s biggest sneakerheads, it’s likely that Nike will (and should) follow through with a scrap of the release. Stay tuned for more updates.

Update 05.22.19 // Following backlash from the sneaker community, which included a petition to remove the print, as it was “an insult to Panamanian culture and history”, Nike has officially canceled the release. But there is good news for my Rican friends, with the PR Day Air Max 1 still set to arrive next month!

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