AMBUSH Taps Zellerfeld For 3D-Printed 100S Clog

AMBUSH Taps Zellerfeld For 3D-Printed 100S Clog

Taking a break from both its own footwear and swoosh-branded collaborations, AMBUSH has recently turned to Zellerfeld for the 100S, a 3D-printed clog that boasts a non-fungible token (NFT) counterpart.

Preceded by an innovative joint-effort by Heron Preston, YOON and VERBAL’s first multi-verse shoe is rooted in the same circular design as the HERON01. Furthermore, the fully-recyclable clog couples a laceless, low-profile upper with a more aggressive sole unit that ensures functionality isn’t sacrificed in the face of 3D-printing innovation. AMBUSH® and Zellerfeld’s collaborative project (to which Finn-Rush Taylor contributed) allows for a design and manufacturing like none other, with adjustments to sizing and construction not abiding to as strict processes as traditional, non-3D-printed footwear. The 100S silhouette arrives with a digital counterpart unlockable and wearable within the AMBUSH® SILVER FCTRY metaverse, ensuring owners stay fresh in both worlds.

Enjoy campaign imagery of the made-to-order, fully-recyclable 100S ahead. The collaborative model’s prototype will be presented at Stadium Goods SoHo during NFT NYC (June 20th to 23rd). VERBAL will unveil the project on June 20th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST in an event hosted by Stadium Goods Director of Innovation Strategy, Neha Dayal and SVP Brand, Yuming Wu. The presentation is limited to the first 100 people to line up at the store, and POW!® NFT holders will be given priority. All other event details can be found via the official AMBUSH® Discord

Update // “POW! REBOOT and GITD holders will be able to scan a QR Code at the locations listed above to enter the raffle. If you don’t currently own a corresponding POW! NFT you can purchase one on Opensea (check the official-links). Shoes will be delivered IRL to raffle winners within 6-8 weeks of being announced!”

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