Happy 4/20: Nine of the Best Weed-Inspired Sneakers

Happy 4/20: Nine of the Best Weed-Inspired Sneakers

Global ganja day originated by a few lads out in Marin County, California, who met every day at 4:20 to burn one by a statue of Louis Pasteur. It became their codeword to stay safe in front of the ‘rents, and the colloquialism spread quicker than a burning single paper. It found its way into footwear at the turn of the century through skate shoes (of course) but has since found its way into the mainstream with everything from the adidas Nizza to the New Balance 991 boasting bud-laden thematics. Over the years there has been some gems, most of which have stemmed from Nike SB’s Dunk’s lineage, but there are a few from early on that many would have forgotten — or perhaps are seeing for the first time.

While some of you can legally light up today, not everyone can. So, from a legal standpoint, we’re telling you we’re celebrating by looking back at some of the best Skunk-inspired sneakers.

Nike SB Dunk High “Skunk”

The most iconic marijuana sneaker of all time, the ‘Skunk Dunk’ got greened-out with pops of hazy purple and a not-too-subtle stash pocket behind the tongue. It hit stores on 4/20 in 2010, of course, and these are still fetching decent prices from resellers and dealers. It’s that popular that Nike are reissuing the sneaker in reverse form this morning, which also happens to be the pair’s 10th anniversary.

Nike SB Dunk Low “Green Hemp”

Nike SB’s first hit of stoner styling kept its herbal habits a little more low-key. Released on 4/20 back in 2004 as part of the OG ‘Hemp Pack’, alongside baby blue and maroon make-ups, it was this botanical ‘Bonsai’ green make-up that SB heads were all craving. With just 420 pairs released, you had to know a guy that knew a guy to get yourself a pair of these all-hemp joints.


Circa Muska RFLX

So we’re not saying Chad Muska’s signature Circa kicks, with their zip-up tongue for ‘adjustable padding’, were intended to transport ganja … but they were definitely intended to transport ganja. After establishing Supra, Muska would retain the stash pocket in the significantly less skateable Skytop and Skytop II, making Muska’s purpose for the sneaky addition a little less hazy.


Nike SB Dunk High “Cheech and Chong”

The sequel to the infamous ‘Skunk Dunk’, 1000 pairs of this Dunk SB released on April 20 in 2011, a freshly harvested green upper comes pre-rolled in a white canvas to be enjoyed by those who wear their kicks down to the roach. The mismatched red-panelling on these is inspired by the headwear of legendary stoner duo Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin.

Vans Vault Era “Palm Leaf”

Playing it safe with the parent’s groups, Vans Vault has sprayed their so-called ‘Palm Leaf’ print over a stack of silhouettes in the last few years, proving a hit with fashionistas and late-night tokers alike.


Bait x adidas Stan Smith Vulc “Happy”

The newest shoe on this list, chronic collaborators BAIT brought out a blend of the West Coast’s finest just in time for 4/20. The vulcanised Stan Smith from adidas’ Skateboarding department was rolled in high-grade homegrown hemp and hit with a suitably stoned all-over debossed upper. Secret stash pockets in the tongue and ‘High Potency’ pull tabs on the heel ensured the source of inspiration behind these dank sneaks was nothing short of blunt.


Supra S1W “Tree Camo”

Erryone knows Lil Wayne wakes up by lighting a blunt. So Supra’s ‘Vice Pack’ was a masterstroke, including odes to candy and purple drank, the organic side dish was this ‘Tree Camo’ S1W. We all know what kind of tree that is.

Huf Hupper 420 Pack

Not to be outdone, Cali’s finest over at HUF pledged their allegiance to the leaf with this blunt take on their home-grown Hupper hightop, complete with zip-lock baggie of extra potent laces. Definitely not a sneaker, but potentially more eye-grabbing than a pair of KOBE TWOs, the pack’s ‘Plantlife’ socks have become a staple part of HUF’s seasonal harvest and ubiquitous in the streets in summer under weedy shorts.


Diamond Supply Co. Diamond Cuts “Green Weed Camo”

Meanwhile, Diamond Supply Co. have no gripes about admitting the inspiration for their spinached-out sneaks. They have a stack of ‘weed camo’ patterns including this rather tropical rendition. They even collaborated with The Stoned Immaculate himself, Curren$y, back in 2012 for a double hit of Mary Jane appreesh.

Source: Sneaker Freaker

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