Is the new Foot Locker app squeezing out people?

Is the new Foot Locker app squeezing out people?


I do have some concerns about this app, but first, let’s get into a bit of background on it;

About a year ago, Foot Locker announced a brand new App Launch Reservation Procedure in aid to save their staff the early Saturday morning hassle and of course the safety concerns (and extra wages) that comes with hyped up releases.

The new app system allows it’s most loyal customers a first crack at the hype. It has been available in select cities for a while now, but it has just dropped nationally.

All the big Jordan Retro releases (and that Adidas shit) will form their reservation catalog, so if you already drop a lot of money at foot locker, you’ll probably

This is a beautiful business move from FL, in an attempt to squeeze out more annual spend from people, giving them hope they can cop something exclusive.

The best part of Foot Locker’s reservation procedure? It gives you “Head Starts” on reserving products if you’re one of those loyal customers.

But my beef is the term Loyal.

You might have someone who spends 20% of their income their because they dont earn enough, but live and breath their favorite sneaker brands. And then you could have someone who drops 1% of their income, but earns so much that they cop every week. Another program that favors those with the cash only separates the playing field – so to speak – even further.

Raffles gave everyone a chance – now it’s just focused on making more money, and rewarding those who have more to spend. Call me an old ‘head, but the old days were a little better . . .

Foot Locker Launch Reservation Procedure




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