Here’s How Much Money the Knicks Still Owe Joakim Noah

Here’s How Much Money the Knicks Still Owe Joakim Noah

Kicks lucked out — again.

The poor old Knicks just cant catch a break.

On Saturday, the franchise announced that they’ve ​waived disgruntled veteran center Joakim Noah, who still had two more, very lucrative years remaining on his contract.

We all knew it was coming, with Jo’s injuries forcing him out of favor — and on top of that, he was said to be a damn nuisance to the locker room.

Over $4.5 Million PER POINT?

My lord. No wonder Knicks fans have lost all faith in their franchise with moves like this.

Noah didn’t come to an agreement on a buyout, forcing the Knick to pay him the remaining $37.8 million remaining on his contract.

New York will pay him the $18.5 million he’s owed for this season, but then they’ll stretch the remaining $19.3 million over the following next years after that.

The Knicks will absorb a cap hit of $6.43 million each year through the end of the 2021-22 season. What a damn waste.

This was always a horrible contract from the beginning, and just like the Knicks always do, they are paying the price now and into the future.

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