Jimmy Butler’s Great Response About His Number Selection in Philly

Jimmy Butler’s Great Response About His Number Selection in Philly

Buckets gets it done.

Numbers are a big deal to players. Since Michael Jordan broke the ​NBA in his signature No. 23 jersey, numerous players have donned the number in the hopes of reaching for some part of his legacy. LeBron has done it. Anthony Davis, who is from Chicago, is doing it. Jimmy Butler wanted to, but he wasn’t allowed to wear Jordan’s cape in Chicago, so his first chance to be No. 23 was in Minnesota.

And when he got traded to Philly? It wasn’t so hard to get the number back:



Landry Shamet was the 26th overall pick for the Philadelphia 76ers out of Wichita State, where he spent three seasons. While he has been a solid piece for the Sixers this season, even getting over 21 minutes per night and averaging over 8 points through 24 games.

However, he wasn’t going to be able to stop the All-Star that is ​Jimmy Butler from taking his number. He’s lucky he even got a “firm pat on the rear end.”



Butler also added the troll of Ben Simmons, saying he asked for No. 25, but “for some reason” he couldn’t get it. Gold.

All has gone well for the Sixers and Butler since he arrived. I’m not sure the number really matters, but Butler has an emotion alpha dog mentality, so it’s for the best that there was no resistance.

No. 25 though? Ben Simmons vs. Jimmy Butler. May the best man win.

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