JR Smith Takes a Shot at Demarcus Cousin’s Integrity

JR Smith Takes a Shot at Demarcus Cousin’s Integrity

JR lets it fly.

We love JR Smith. The Cavaliers guard has never backed down from being himself. From a shirtless Finals campaign to a Supreme tattoo and everything in between, he’s truly one of a kind. But what makes JR even more loveable, is the fact that he’s never afraid to shoot his shot — whether that’s risking it all in a female’s DM or having the confidence to fire for three while being engulfed by defenders. The dude isn’t afraid to speak his mind, either. Notoriously known for a lack of diplomacy, JR stays true to his beliefs, something very rare in this day and age of professional sports.

And the most recent chapter in the ​JR Smith saga is no different, speaking his mind freely for the world to see when he was asked about his thoughts on DeMarcus Cousins’ move to Golden State on Twitter.

JR let it fly, plain and simple and straight to the point in true JR fashion. You just gotta love the mans honesty. It’s damn refreshing.

We’ve been following along with JR for a while now, about five and a half years ago to be precise, when this DM kicked off the JR culture.

In an offseason that’s been dominated by LeBron and the Golden State Warriors news, it’s refreshing to see JR back in the mix.

The dual is now on for the 2018/19 off-court MVP, where JR has a battle ahead with the early front runner Michael Beasley, after his hilariously trolling interview with ESPN this past Media Day.

Forget the Warriors/Rockets talk, this dual will be the contest to watch all year.

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