Karl-Anthony Towns has Gone Missing in Another Garbage Second Half

Karl-Anthony Towns has Gone Missing in Another Garbage Second Half

We can see why Jimmy was getting upset now.

Has anyone seen or heard from Karl Anthony Towns? Las seen in the first half of the Timberwolves encounter with the Lakers at the Staples Centre, Wednesday 7th November. If found, please return to Tom Thibodaeu C/O The Minnesota Timberwolves.

It’s no secret that the ​Minnesota Timberwolves have had a very shaky start to the ​NBA season, but it’s not all Jimmy Butler’s fault:



​​It seems that young star Karl-Anthony Towns is having his second-half struggles. And there’s been plenty of Plenty criticism thrown his way, with many — including Butler — calling out KAT for his lack of hustle, his lack of defensive intensity, and his apparent lack of a desire to win.

Now we see why. But if there’s one aspect of KAT’s game that is generally consistent, it’s his offensive output — even if it does all come in the first half.



In the crux of last night’s game  against the Lakers, both teams were trading punches, with the lead switching back-and-forth too many times to count in the last quarter. But when it came time for the big man to step up,, KAT was useless. Grabbing clutch rebounds and making buckets? Not on Karl’s agenda.

The Lakers went on to defeat the Timberwolves 114-110.

KAT is supposed to be the star of the team, Wiggins too, but they’re all being shown up by the veteran Derrick Rose at this stage of the season — who was in his bag again last night with 31. So let’s rephrase that. He is supposed to be the future of the franchise. And to be a franchise player, you need to start playing like it. And that starts with consistency, contest after contest, quarter after quarter.

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