Knicks Have “Very Good Shot” at Luring Kevin Durant From Warriors

Knicks Have “Very Good Shot” at Luring Kevin Durant From Warriors

Is KD heading home?

​The New York Knicks might be on the verge of turning into a successful franchise once again.

The emphasise there is on the word might.

The Knicks are somehow poised to go from zero superstars to potentially three in the span of just one off-season campaign.

As Kristaps Porzingis continues to make his way back from that ACL tear, there’s been some substance thrown behind the rumors of Kevin Durant’s return to the East Coast, where he played High School hoops.

If all the Knicks rumors are true — and they usually are to an extent — this could mean that the 2019 Knicks would potentially have a Big 4 of Jimmy Buckets, Kyrie, ProzinGOD and KD.

My lord.

As per Chris Haynes, the Knicks suddenly have a ​”very good shot” at turning the Knicks into a watchable team again.

But the only variant outside of the coin available, is his personal agenda — will he have accomplished everything he wanted in Golden State by 2019?

You’d like to think if he went back to back to back Championships and Finals MVP, that would be enough, right?

The other question that hangs over his head is his legacy. Will he actually move to the lowly, losing Knicks after being criticized for only joining winners? Does he have the guile to take a team from ridicule to chip contenders? — granted, if he does it, he’d have one of the strongest teams in the East beside him, should the rumors be true. What about his venture capital interest and all the post-career buzz we’ve heard means so much to his brand?

There’s still a lot to consider, but joining the Knicks would be Kevin’s only shot to redeem himself in the eyes of the critics. And if he can turn the Knicks into Champs, well, that’s something that would actually break the game of basketball. It would be unbelievable.

KD has hardly been loved — even by his own fans in San Francisco. The Warriors will always belong to the Splash Brothers, even though the big man has been the team’s best player. But a move to the Knicks could find him some newfound fans, even if Knicks fans are as hot and cold as the city’s seasons.

If Durant wants to change his legacy, he’ll become a Knick. If he wants to take the easy road, he’ll stay a Warrior. Either way, we’ll be sure to see criticism.

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