LeBron James Keeps on Proving that His Move to the Lakers is Purely a Business Decision

LeBron James Keeps on Proving that His Move to the Lakers is Purely a Business Decision

I Promise (to grow my empire).

A ​​LeBron James move has always drawn media attention. His motives have been in question each time. Did he move to Miami to escape the business surrounding his mother? Are you heading back to Cleveland to change the city’s championship history? And are you moving to LA strictly for business?

Well obviously, James was not going to the Lakers for championships, otherwise he would have signed with the Philadelphia 76ers, Boston Celtics, or even the Golden State Warriors. What later became clear was that the reason James chose Los Angeles had nothing to do with basketball at all. It was purely a business decision.

In Los Angeles, James could finally get more of the taste of Hollywood, something that he craved for ever since starring in the movie Trainwreck.

The news that LeBron is now producing television shows only doubles down on what many speculated to be the real reason The King moved to LA.

​​James’ Muhammed Ali special is not the only television show that he has started producing since joining the Lakers.

LeBron is also releasing a drama surrounding a teacher from Akron (shocker).

But thta’s not it — ​​I see right through you LeBron.

In the media, of course the four-time MVP is going to say he went to the Lakers for the potential to start a new dynasty in the NBA. And while I believe some of the most promising young players in the entire league are on that Lakers team, it’s not like Lonzo Ball, Kyle Kuzma, and Brandon Ingram are any match for the Warriors, with or without LeBron.

It’s clear to LeBron that he’s achieved everything he can in the game of basketball — and like MJ did with his move to Washington — he is now thinking about life after basketball. It’s not only clear that LeBron’s move to LA is purely business driven, but it’s also a clear indicator that LeBron gives no fucks about the amount of rings he has or hasn’t got. And he definitely doesn’t give a shit about your opinion of him, his position in your GOAT debate.

He’s there for him and his family’s future, and as a subsidiary of that, the future of the youth in Ohio, which the King continues to contribute to.

So Lakers fans, don’t be foolish. LeBron didn’t choose to come to Los Angeles to wear the purple and gold. He came because of the business possibilities and the money that comes with it.

But if he somehow manages to add more Larry’s to the Laker’s cabinets, I’ll gladly be proven wrong.

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