LeBron James says Lonzo Ball “Doesn’t Realize How Great He is”

LeBron James says Lonzo Ball “Doesn’t Realize How Great He is”

The King pumps up Zo.

LeBron James has always had time for Lonzo Ball. Remember last year’s interaction (above)?


Yeah, perhaps ‘Bron knew he was heading out West the next year, but LeBron is on another level when it comes to recognizing and pumping up individuals with the talent to take their game to the elite level.

And when it comes to Lonzo Ball, the King says that he “doesn’t realize how great he is.”

An aggressive Ball makes the Lakers a better team, says James.



What a pump up from the best player in the league.

The 21-year-old guard finished with 9 points, 10 rebounds and 2 assists in a 90-83 Friday night win against the visiting Utah Jazz.


“Sometimes he doesn’t realize how great he is,” James said after a 90-83 win over the Utah Jazz on Friday night at Staples Center. “The things that he possesses out on the floor, when Zo realizes how good he is on the floor, it makes him a very dynamic player and it makes us even better. And he’s been doing that as of late, [with] his aggressiveness.”

LeBron James is on a mission to boost second-year point guard Lonzo Ball’s confidence, and it appears to be paying off for the Lakers.

“Even when he’s not making, just his attack as you’ve seen earlier in the game, just him getting to the rim [is important],” James said of Ball, who went 4-for-10 from the field. “He missed a couple of ’em; that’s absolutely fine. He had a couple charges; that’s absolutely fine. When he’s aggressive, it just changes our dynamic of the team, and he’s been doing it of late and we need him to continue to do that because he’s very good.”

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